Dwin James Photography

... where you will see some of the photos we have turned into greeting cards and some others we have turned into prints.

        Greeting cards come individually or in boxes of ten

        Prints come matted ready for framing

... Doing outdoor photography seems like doing found art - one uses whatever is present in a way that brings out a truth, gives joy, or does both.

Light and shapes, and animals and geography are the primary ingredients in our work. Of course, light produces colors as well as illuminates the shapes and textures of what we see.

Bad photos have the potential to be reworked into something different from the original idea - especially nice when we cannot easily return to the original target of our photo session. These could suggest abstract visions to play with.

A photo's work is never done until someone other than the artist views it; and then, the work may only be commencing as the viewer looks at the photo again, and again. Perchance the work never completes itself as different persons bring their particular views of life to the scene.

May you be one of the many viewers of our photography who initiate a commencement of work of our photos.


Welcome to our world in pictures

Favorite Cameras

  1. -Sony Cyber-shot DSC N1

  2. -Nikon D5100

  3. -Olympus TG-4 “Tough”

Newest Photos

  1. -at the top of my New Photos page

Upcoming Shows - 2016

  1. -December 2-4, 9-11, 16-18, Pacific Arts Market (Bellingham)

Galleries/Stores I’m in

-- WAG’s Whatcom Art Market (http://www.whatcomartmarket.org), located at 1103 11th Street, in Fairhaven historical district of Bellingham

Order Online

  1. -dwinjames.etsy.com for greeting cards

  2. -james-e-weaver.fineartamerica.com for prints

  3. -especially on the following page --  http://fineartamerica.com/art/all/whatcom+county/canvas+prints

Currently Hanging in

  1. -WAG Art Market (http://www.whatcomartmarket.org), Fairhaven

Online Galleries

  1. -Blaine Harbor Art Gallery (http://blaineharborartgallery.com/index.html)

Current Memberships

  1. -Whatcom Art Guild (http://www.whatcomartguild.org)

  2. -Blaine Harbor Art Gallery (http://blaineharborartgallery.com/index.html)

  3. -Bellingham Photography Club ( http://bellinghamphotographyclub.net)

  4. -Photographic Society of America (http://www.psa-photo.org)

Recent Awards

  1. -Iris After Rain, voted Artist of the Month, Whatcom Art Guild

  2. -4 Macro ice/frost images, shown in 2016 Spring Juried Exhibit Jansen Art Center, Lynden WA

  3. -Whatcom Museum at Dawn, shown in “Dusk to Dawn” exhibit Jansen Art Center, Lynden WA

  4. -Find all award winning photos on the Award Photos page.

The animal who lured me into this -

a koi in the lily pond at Balboa Park in San Diego CA

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“Floating Above the Rest”

Besides making our ideas into images, and thus available for purchase, we do commission work as well -- pet portraits, event photography, vistas for wall art.